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LOCAA (The Land of Codes and Apertures) Fanfiction!

NOTE: Official Chapters are deemed as such only when Trickysticks has stated that they are official.

ACTUALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: This is all Read-At-Your-Own-Risk. I am not responsible for scarring, agony, or bad puns.

Also, keep in mind that the people writing these are computer programmers and scripters (well, Touhou Danmakufu scripters...), not ordinary sane people, and therefore, viewer discretion is advised.

WARNING: The following chapters contain very obscure jokes. P.S. That's an understatement.

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Official Chapters

Welcome to LCACADEMY Arc

Prologue, Chapter 0 [Written by Trickysticks: November 27, 2014]

Chapter 1 [Written by Sparen: November 28, 2014]

Chapter 2 [Written by Trickysticks: November 28, 2014]

Chapter 3 [Written by Sparen: November 28, 2014]

Chapter 4 [Written by Conarnar: November 30, 2014]

Chapter 5 [Written by Miransu Uwabami: November 28, 2014]

Chapter 6 [Written by Miransu Uwabami: November 29, 2014]

Chapter 7 [Written by Sparen: November 30, 2014]

Chapter 8 [Written by Miransu Uwabami: November 29, 2014]

Abduction of Trickysteaks Arc

Chapter 9 [Written by Trickysticks: December 1, 2014]

Chapter 10 [Written by Sparen: December 4, 2014]

Chapter 11 [Written by Trickysticks: December 6, 2014]

Chapter 12 [Written by Ultima: December 8, 2014]

Chapter 13 [Written by Ultimadragon: December 16, 2014]

Chapter 14 [Written by Python: January 26, 2015]

Unofficial Chapters

Chapter 14.5 [Written by Miransu Uwabami: January 26, 2015]

Spinoff Chapters

Fighters [Written by Trickysticks: January 10, 2015]


ULiL FANFIC OMG [Written by Trickysticks: May 11, 2015]

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