Welcome to the Danmakufu Video Database!

A database of videos of Danmakufu scripts, arranged by scripter.

This database holds links to the videos of scripts made by the Western Touhou Community's danmakufu scripters. Looking for videos of a particular script? Want to see flashy danmaku or find Let's Plays? That's what this database is for.

Scripters often go by multiple names. Please use your standard ctrl-f to find scripters whose names are not in the place where you expect them.

Want to contribute to this database? See the Github repository for more information.

Please note that this repository is no longer being actively maintained

Scripter NameAlternate Names
Gizmo The DragonGizmo II The Elk
MeowsticDry the Meowstic
Sparen of IrĂ­a
TTBDThe Terrible Bullet Dodger/auto2112


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