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I was bored. Originally made Sept 25, 2017.

Primary Config Options:

Select Mode:
Toggle Lines between circle centers:
Toggle Lines tracing outer circles:
Max # Particle Effects: 32

Customize Options:

Radius of Outer Circles: 48
Radius of Inner Circle: 144
Radius of Effect Circles: 2
Stroke Width of Outer Circles: 2
Stroke Width of Inner Circle: 2
Stroke Width of Effect Circles: 0.5

More config options (color, angle increment rate, bowap sine multiplier, number circles) coming soon/eventually

This was made using Javascript and Scalable Vector Graphics. It uses Queue.js

This animation is set to update every 20 milliseconds. Occasionally it may momentarily freeze. It is not recommended to keep this animation running with high number of max particle/high number of circles if your computer starts to overheat.