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Welcome to my Project Index for Open Source software, Video Games, Web Utilities, and more!

On this page, I have links to a variety of projects that I have created or participated in the creation of. This includes my Touhou Danmakufu projects, significant software projects, and Open Source projects.

Please note that the list of projects here is not comprehensive. My official Dammakufu Project Release Thread on Maidens of the Kaleidoscope can be accessed using the following link: Sparen's Code Dump - this is where I typically announce and release smaller-scale Danmakufu projects.

Touhou Danmakufu Project Index

This section features my Touhou Danmakufu scripts (player scripts, bosses, stages, and full games).

All 'Phase #' pages contain information on Danmakufu Scripts that lack their own pages. Links ordered with oldest at top.

SeitenTouji Project

GitHub/Open Source Projects

Over the years, I have come to participate in and create a number of Open Source projects. All links in this section point to the pages for the GitHub Repositories. Please be aware that some of these projects are no longer maintained/are now deprecated.

For a full list of my Open Source projects, please visit my GitHub page: Andrew Fan/Sparen's GitHub

The following are my Open Source projects for the Western Touhou Community and the Danmakufu Community.

        • June 2018 - Ongoing
        • Primary Language(s): Touhou Danmakufu ph3
        • Project: Provide a Danmakufu monitoring and profiling system for game optimization and balancing.
        • June 2018 - Ongoing
        • Primary Language(s): Touhou Danmakufu ph3
        • Project: Provide a standard library for Danmakufu ph3 scripts. Primarily comprised of libraries I have made.
  • Danmakufu Video Database | View Live Site
        • July 2016 - Ongoing
        • Primary Language(s): JavaScript
        • Project: Provide a central hub for videos of Danmakufu Scripts.
  • Danmakufu Obfuscator
        • June 2015 - Development Ceased Oct 2015
        • Primary Language(s): C++
        • Project: An obfuscator for the Touhou Danmakufu 0.12 and ph3 interpreted languages supporting removal of comments, whitespace, etc.
  • Random Spellcard Name Generator
        • April 2015 - Abandoned Jan 2016
        • Primary Language(s): C++
        • Project: Command line program that generates random spellcard names given user-provided parameters and a local database of words used in Spellcards, stored in a custom text format and parsed on-request.
  • Touhou Danmakufu ph3 Syntax Highlighter for Sublime Text
        • April 2014 - Development Ceased April 2016
        • Primary Language(s): Sublime JSON
        • Project: Syntax highlighter for the Touhou Danmakufu ph3 programming language. Technically incomplete because not all documentation has been copied in, but is functional as-is.

The following are other Open Source projects I am hosting on Github (excluding those under 'JavaScript Project Index', which are hosted as part of this website).

  • SVG Strip Map Generator | View Live Site
        • Sept 2018 - Ongoing
        • Primary Language(s): JavaScript
        • Technologies: Scalable Vector Graphics
        • Project: Spiritual Successor to my Map Generator that allows for Strip Maps to be defined using JSON.
  • Fate/Grand Order Drop Log | View Live Site
        • Oct 2017 - Ongoing
        • Primary Language(s): JavaScript
        • Project: Log of all my data from F/GO NA. Primarily to log my runs for the crowdsourcing documents, but also features querying the local database (JSON) and has some other utilities built-in.
  • Sparen MapGen | View Live Site
        • Feb 2017 - Abandoned Feb 2017
        • Primary Language(s): JavaScript
        • Technologies: Scalable Vector Graphics
        • Project: Interactive Transit Map generation program that allows the user to generate and store a transit map using JSON.
  • Summer 2016 Network
        • Primary Language(s): JavaScript
        • Technologies: HTML5 Canvas
        • Project: Network visualization black box for Johns Hopkins IDIES that optimized the position of nodes and edges to provide an uncluttered visualization of data.

In addition to the above projects above, I have also participated in the following Open Source projects. For these I have a page on-site detailing my role and participation.

Hackathon Projects

As a Computer Science student at the Johns Hopkins University, I have participated in the university's biannual Hackathon. Below are links to some of my entries (Devpost/GitHub)

  • FALL 2015: Potholes of B'more (Devpost) | Source Code (GitHub)
        • Primary Language(s): JavaScript
        • Technologies: Google Maps API
        • Project: A visualization of potholes in Baltimore City, read from a CSV (from Baltimore's Open Data) and placed on a map using the Google Maps API.
  • SPRING 2016: NYTimeMachine (Devpost) | Source Code (GitHub)
        • Primary Language(s): JavaScript
        • Technologies: Angular JS, Bootstrap, New York Times API
        • Project: Get a snapshot of the world through the lens of the New York Times by selecting a time period and region of the world.
  • FALL 2016: focusbomb (Devpost) | Source Code (GitHub)
        • Primary Language(s): JavaScript
        • Technologies: Google Chrome
        • Project: Google Chrome Extension that aims to block websites to aim in preventing procrastination.
  • SPRING 2017: ThreatSync (Devpost)
        • Primary Language(s): Python
        • Technologies: AWS, Blockchain
        • Project: Sync knowledge on malicious IPs using a distributed ledger/blockchain shared across multiple companies.

JavaScript Project Index

Here I list a number of small-scale JavaScript Projects I have worked on. These are explicitly projects that are hosted locally on-site and do not have their own Github repositories.

Miscellaneous Project Index

Community Projects & Contest Judging