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Disclaimer: This was just for fun. Copyright infringement on images is not intended, and for those who love fish, viewer discretion is advised.

Note: As of June 28, 2017, Photobucket has disabled 3rd party hosting. I cannot be bothered to reupload these all, so they will all be left as errored images. I apologize for this. You can view the Photobucket Album here.

Type 1 - Profile Image Maintained

Sparen [LOCAA]

Sparen of Iria

ExPorygon [LOCAA]

 photo LOCAA_ExPorygon_zps9etr2ui3.jpg

Infinite Ultima Wave [LOCAA]

 photo LOCAA_Ultima_zpslicjnj5l.jpg

Conarnar [LOCAA]

 photo LOCAA_Conarnar_zpsc3mzhza7.jpg

Miransu [LOCAA]

 photo LOCAA_Miransu_zpsq829tfcl.jpg

Lunarethic [LOCAA]

 photo LOCAA_Lunarethic_zpszudl1mos.jpg

Bob the Tanuki [LOCAA]

 photo LOCAA_Bob the Tanuki_zpstteq5wrl.png

Kirbio [LOCAA]

 photo LOCAA_Kirbio_zpshobrqemr.png

Type 2 - Profile Image Partially Mutilated/Danmakufied

CK Crash [LOCAA]

I wanted to make the entire image just danmaku bullets, but... no. So I only half-mutilated the image.

 photo LOCAA_CK Crash_zpsprk6ehua.jpg

Maple [Regular]

Original Image here: Pixiv

 photo REG_Maple_zpsletwwajh.jpg

Purvis [Regular]

 photo MOD_Purvis_zpsue9bsliz.jpg

Type 3 - Profile Image Completely Mutilated/Danmakufied

Fluffy8x [DNH]

All of these were considered. Every last combination of overlaid blend types

 photo DNH_Fluffy8x_zpsl0fuwn5i.jpg  photo DNH_Fluffy8x_B_zpsdmng0cnt.jpg  photo DNH_Fluffy8x_C_zps0hw3y9gv.jpg  photo DNH_Fluffy8x_D_zps5l1ys8oq.jpg  photo DNH_Fluffy8x_E_zpsmpm8qghi.jpg

Soichiro W [Regular]

Fear the Youmu

 photo GEN_Soichiro W_zpsbek5rwva.jpg

Type 4 - Original Designs

Trickysticks [LOCAA]

I made the fish as a stock image and then decided to do questionable things with it.

 photo LOCAA_Trickysticks_zps4pvofyag.jpg  photo LOCAA_Trickysticks_zpsty5gkaao.jpg

An Unmatched Sock [Regular]

I swear it was supposed to be Chen.

 photo REG_An Unmatched Sock_zpsnbnaloc9.jpg