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0.12m Projects

Below are my later 0.12m projects, listed in order of start/completion date (with the exception of perhaps the player, they were all started and completed with no overlaps. Listed from most recent to oldest.). Please note that these are almost exclusively for contests. These projects, along with PokeDigiDanmaku, are collectively known as Phase 2.

Halloween Contest: Sekibanki Boss Battle


RaNGE Contest 10: Sanae Boss Battle


Kyllallrenn Player Script

Release Date: May 31, 2013

This project was an attempt at a new player script. However, it saw almost no use and was eventually removed from Bulletforge. Arguably one of the least used player scripts I have made.

LOCAA Contest 3: Suicune Boss Battle

Release Date: May 31, 2013

Official Post: Click Here for Information and Download

This contest entry marked the start of my time in the Land of Codes and Apertures and marked a new era in my danmaku abilities - coinciding with around PDD Stage 2, it determined the fate of PDD's Extra Stage and also became my first ever contest entry for a Danmakufu contest. It happened to coincide with my newfound obsession with polar and parametric equations as well, hence the theme. The first spell of this script has come to be one of the distinguishing factors for my Danmakufu career.