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Sparen's Danmakufu ph3 Tutorials - Function Reference (Function List)


Welcome to my local copy of the Touhou Danmakufu ph3 Function Reference, available in case the Danmakufu Wiki goes down *again*. Here you can access the entirety of the translated Danmakufu function reference, although it has passed through the Sparen filter and therefore may be slightly different from the Wiki.

The OFFICIAL JAPANESE DOCUMENTATION can be found at mkm's website. In addition, the full Japanese docs have been backed up to GitHub. This link may be sufficient, but if you experience garbled text, you may need to change your browser's Text Encoding [Safari/Firefox: View -> Text Encoding -> Japanese (Shift JIS); Chrome 55+: Extension required]. Alternatively, download the documentation via the 'Clone or download' button.

This page serves as a list of all functions present in Danmakufu ph3. For documentation on a specific function, click one of the links.

Function List

The table of contents below links within this page; each header is a link to the associated header in the function reference.