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Sparen's Danmakufu ph3 Tutorials - Function Reference (Player/System/Script Functions)


Welcome to my local copy of the Touhou Danmakufu ph3 Function Reference, available in case the Danmakufu Wiki goes down *again*. Here you can access the entirety of the translated Danmakufu function reference, although it has passed through the Sparen filter and therefore may be slightly different from the Wiki.

As a reminder, the OFFICIAL JAPANESE DOCUMENTATION can be found at mkm's website.

In the tutorials, the functions will be available like so: ObjSpell_SetDamage()

General Functions and Object functions are on their own respective pages to prevent this page from becoming too long. To access these, refer to the sidebar.

Notes on types:
mkm uses types such as 'real' (for real numbers and object IDs), 'char' (for characters and strings), and 'free' (wildcard). In my version of the documentation, I break this down by primary type (number/char/string/bool/free/etc) with a detailed type in parenthesis (float/int/path/Object ID). I also provide types for return values.

Player Main Functions

Player Spell Functions

Private System Functions

Custom Script Functions

Package Functions