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SeitenTouji 1 - Adamantine Memory Blade

SeitenTouji 1 - AMB

SeitenTouji 1 - Adamantine Memory Blade is the first game in the SeitenTouji series! The lead developer of the project is Andrew Fan, AKA Sparen of Iría, with Ghoulmage and FrenticPony as additional composers and AchySolrock and CK Crash/Onthenet as additional artists. This project was made possible by the support of the Touhou Danmakufu Community and runs using Touhou Danmakufu ph3 as its engine.

The demo was released on May 14, 2016 and can be found here! The full game was released on July 13, 2018 (without Last Words). The last word update was released on Feb 23, 2019

Download the full game (v1.06) at Bulletforge.

Release Thread (MotK) Release Post (1.00) Release Post (1.06)


SeitenTouji AMB is a standard single player danmaku shmup. You play as Teiki Tetsurou, who has two shot types - a wider shottype with a homing option and a more focused shottype with damage over time. The typical Touhou controls apply:

Z : OK, Shoot
X : Cancel, Bomb
Shift : Focus (show hitbox and adjust shottype)
Arrow Keys : Movement
Escape : Pause

The C key may also be used for certain events (such as switching players in ExAttack Practice).

In SeitenTouji AMB's main story and Extra Stage, you must dodge bullets and progress through the stages, clearing each boss. You start with very few lives, but by no-miss clearing a boss attack (no miss: bombing is allowed but dying is not), you can gain shards for extra lives.

SeitenTouji's main 'gimmick' is the Piezo gauge, which is shown in the bottom left hand corner of the playing field. As you collect Piezo Shards, the amount of score you get per point item increases and the gauge fills. The gauge also fills when clearing bullets. Filling the gauge will reward you with one Bomb Shard (also called Spell Shards). These will accumulate to grant extra ExAttacks (AKA Bombs) for the player.

Player Bombs can be used to clear the screen of bullets and deal significant damage to enemies. If you bomb within a very narrow timeframe of getting hit by an enemy bullet, you can trigger a Deathbomb, which prevents you from losing a life at the expense of one Bomb.

SeitenTouji AMB features ExAttack and Stage Practice as well as a detailed story with dozens of skits between characters (under 'Omakes'). Omakes are initially locked and must be unlocked by clearing parts of the game, capturing spellcards, etc.

Meet the Cast!

Player Character

Teiki Tetsurou

Boss Characters

Stage 1 Boss
Koro Sanjou

Stage 2 Boss
Taro Oshisou

Stage 3 Midboss

Stage 3 Boss
Taiga Yoryou

Stage 4 Boss

Stage 5 Boss
Ryusuke Koudan

Stage 6 Boss
Dyne Kairei

Extra Stage Boss
Gen'eimaru Hibyou

Other Characters

Blade Kousoku