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About Me - More Professional Version

I am Andrew Fan, a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (Class of 2018), as well as a graduate of Stuyvesant High School in New York City (Class of 2014).

My programming expertise is primarily focused in Full Stack Development with a focus on the middle-ground (API implementation). I have worked with a variety of programming languages, with a particular focus in Vanilla JavaScript (ES5), Java, and to an extent, Python 3. Currently, my primary day-to-day languages are Touhou Danmakufu and JavaScript (vanilla), which I use on a regular basis for the various small tools I build. In the past, I have used Scheme and NetLogo. Other languages I have utilized are C, C++, C# (in the context of Unity), OCaml, and Go.

My experience as a programmer began in Spring 2011, when I took Introduction to Computer Science at Stuyvesant High School. It was during that time that I learned Scheme and NetLogo, and when I began working on my first Touhou Project fangames. By the end of that summer, I had reached the limits of NetLogo for my personal usage, and I began working using Touhou Danmakufu 0.12m. It was in this time period that I expanded my knowledge and gained much of my experience.

In September 2013, I began learning Java in AP Computer Science AB, and I worked in Java alongside Touhou Danmakufu. By December, I had finished my first game in Touhou Danmakufu 0.12m, and, like many others in the community, moved on the the newer engine, ph3, which had significantly better support for Unicode, Meshes, Render Targets, and more recently, High Level Shader Language.

I am currently working on the SeitenTouji Project in Danmakufu ph3, and I am expanding my knowledge of Java, Javascript, Python, SVG, and other languages (programming and markup), frameworks, etc.

For a comprehensive list of projects I have worked on, refer to the 'Projects' page in the sidebar. For my Public Transit maps, please refer to Sparen's Transit Maps.

About Me - Internet Version

I am Sparen of Iria, an advanced-level scripter in Touhou Danmakufu and a moderator or former moderator of various Touhou/Bullet Hell focused online communities including but not limited to the Land of Codes and Apertures (current) and the Moriya Shrine Forums (former). I also do basic graphic and sound manipulation and am a self-taught artist, although my proficiency in this area is limited.

As a scripter in RaNGE on the Maidens of the Kaleidoscope Forums, I also help update the Danmakufu Wiki, am a collaborator for the Github repository of the Sublime Text Syntax Highlighter for Touhou Danmakufu ph3, and write tutorials and guides to assist newer and aspiring scripters. This includes the guides on this website, which also includes a sample style guide as well as a backup of the English language function reference for Touhou Danmakufu ph3.

I also have a Youtube channel where I feature the work of other Danmakufu scripters as well as my own. I have video tutorials for Danmakufu uploaded there as well.

For more information on my Youtube channel, please visit the following link: Link