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Hello Internet! I am Sparen of Iria, a Danmakufu scripter who happens to run a Youtube Channel! Below I will discuss some of my Youtube Playlists!

A local list of all of my playlist videos can be found here at DNHArt List.


DNHArt (Danmakufu Art)

DNHArt is my playlist for individual Danmakufu scripts, made by myself or others. In general, I will do videos for contests and will also do videos by request. However, they need to meet my quality standards, so I will not feature troll scripts (see DNHFart below), scripts with numerous bugs, or scripts with questionable material or poor quality. Also, you must be using music that is allowed on Youtube - since DNHArt is partially an advertisement service for other people's scripts, I reserve the right to remove or unlist my video of your script if there are requests by others for removal. As of the end of 2021, my computer is no longer capable of running 32 bit apps due to an OS upgrade. I am no longer making Danmakufu videos and will not in the future unless a DNH fork gets 64 bit working.

As a general rule, your script must run at an acceptable FPS and I must be the one playing/obtaining a replay for a script to be featured on DNHArt. I will not do portions of entire games or scripts that have a high chance of being updated - I want the script to be shown at its best since it's partially a promotion of Danmakufu. I also provide the following services:

  • Download Link for your script in the video description *1
  • Links to all other videos of your script *2
  • Advertisement of videos as featured on my channel and on relevant contest pages

*1: It is your responsibility as scripter to inform me when a link has been updated. Bulletforge links automatically link to the latest version with my current link setup. However, if you change the project name or use a different hosting service, the version I list may be dead or not up to date.
*2: Based on what I can find. This is the reason I have subscribed to almost everyone in the Danmakufu community who uploads Danmakufu videos. I please ask that you do the same if you upload videos of other peoples' work - please cite who made it and preferably a link to a place where the scripter has information about the script, whether it be the Bulletforge download page or a release thread or website.
If you are part of my Danmakufu Video Database, then all of the videos of your script will be stored there, and a link will be placed in the description of my video to the relevant page.

DNHArt was made as a way for me to connect the Danmakufu Community on Youtube, which is why I link to other peoples' videos - this is meant to connect various scripters, video uploaders, and their Youtube Channels.

Danmakufu Let's Plays

Danmakufu Let's Plays (DNHLP) functions similar to DNHArt except that I do every run blind and give commentary. There are no prior quality standards and I will not request your latest version, but if the script crashes beyond hope, I will not upload it to Youtube. Usually, these let's plays are streamed directly to

Since Youtube has playlist length limits (200 videos), most of the videos that would normally go to DNHArt or DNHFart are now being piped into DNHLP.

Want to request a video? Shoot me a PM on the Maidens of the Kaleidoscope forums or send me a message on Youtube.


DNHFart was made as a way of hosting the entries for the LOCAA 6 Contest, which featured troll scripts. I plan to also use the playlist for other scripts as long as they meet a minimum ridiculousness/funny level. I can assure you that if you have not watched these and love Touhou, you are missing out on life. Basically DNHArt for troll scripts and scripts that are too funny (dialogue, etc) for a 'serious' danmaku video playlist.

Sample Below!

Sparen's Danmakufu Tutorials

Sparen's Danmakufu Tutorials, Playlist Here, is a playlist of my Danmakufu video tutorials. That's basically it - just note that it's awfully specific. If you would like general and beginner video tutorials, you should probably use Helepolis's video tutorials, since they will provide background on what's going on. Alternatively, I recommend the ph3 tutorials on this website. Regardless, I hope you find it helpful for producing your own danmaku patterns!