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This is a page detailing my role and activities in regards to the Wine project.

Brief Introduction

As a macOS user with an interest in Touhou, a game series only released on Windows (and PC-98 as well, if you go far back enough), I was unable to play any Touhou games natively on my computer. However, this changed when I discovered the Wine project.

Originally, I was only able to find pre-packaged versions for macOS, but as my skill level rose in Computer Science, I managed to get Wine working thanks to David Baumgold and his tutorial on installing Wine with MacPorts (tutorial no longer exists due to Homebrew being a better package manager than MacPorts). Current version of tutorial at David Baumgold's Website.

I don't know when I made my first contribution to the Wine AppDB, but according to logs, it seems that I began providing test data sometime around late May 2012 (earliest I can find is Labyrinth of Touhou Special Disk, May 20, 2012). Since then, I have provided testing data for a large number of applications and am now a maintainer/super maintainer for a number of applications. Ever since MacPorts messed up with macOS Sierra support and I ditched it around late Jan 2017, I have been using the long-awaited official WineHQ packages for macOS, which hadn't existed prior. These can be found at WineHQ.

If you have any questions or inquiries in regards to my role with the Open Source Wine project, please send me an e-mail via Wine's BugZilla or AppDB - whichever is relevant to your inquiry.

Wine AppDB/BugZilla

I am currently maintaining the following applications:

Note that these are listed using their names on the Wine AppDB rather than their proper names for convenience. Entries marked with a * are those I am a super maintainer of.

Touhou Project

Len'en Project

Touhou Fangames

In the past, I have also maintained Touhou Kaikeidou ~ Marine Benefit, Labyrinth of Touhou Special Disk 3.01, and other games. However, my support for these has ceased for a number of reasons including but not limited to lack of proper version numbers making maintaining a pain (*cough* Marine Benefit *cough*), me no longer playing, etc.