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Moonstruck Magician


Release Date: June 19, 2018

Download: Download RC-6 (July 15, 2018) [+archive_img]

Install: Place the unarchived directory within the 'script' directory of your copy of Touhou Danmakufu ph3 [.1]

Official Post: Archive MotK (Original Post)

Contest Page: Archive MotK (Original Post)


My RaNGE 19 Contest Entry is a standard Touhou-esque vertical scrolling shooter. The contest theme involved the theft and subsequent usage of Reisen's gun by a third party, and I took that opportunity to make a Marisa boss battle with some extra... flair. Like my RaNGE 16 and 17 Contest Entries, the system is directly based off of that of SeitenTouji AMB and the script therefore comes loaded with extra features. There are two difficulties - Normal and Hard, and one player - my III Reisen. This script is primarily a serious script and heavily features usage of render targets and shaders. Note that there is an issue where one of the spells potentially black screens the very first time you run the script.

Default starting lives are configurable, and extends are gained every five life fragments (life fragments are obtained when not dying to an attack).


[July 15, 2018]

Contest results are in now. But honestly, I learned so much about render targets and shaders in Danmakufu that I didn't actually care about my placement - all I cared about was what I learned and what kind of *other* things I could do. Given that with the closing of Phase 5 of my Danmakufu career imminent I have begun to do stranger things in Danmakufu, this is hopefully a good sign.

My biggest regrets with this entry are probably the handling of the first and last spells. The first could be really nasty, and the last did not have consistent difficulty. If I had at least locked the areas to quadrants or the upper half of the screen, the difficulty would at least be consistent. But I chose not to. In addition, I felt that I overused lines of bullets and walls. Granted, I *chose* to use them because you could see them through the distortions and they made some of the attacks possible to enjoy. But I may have overused them a little more than necessary.

Overall, not my greatest work, but definitely one of my better ones.


The Touhou Project is owned by Team Shanghai Alice (ZUN). Various graphics in this game are not original and originate from official Touhou Project games. Music from Touhou Series and Patchouli (Touhou Suguri).

I do not and will not allow unauthorized redistribution of this game and/or use of original code/assets without express permission.