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Welcome to my Project Index!

On this page, I have links to a variety of projects that I have created or participated in the creation of. This includes my Touhou Danmakufu projects, significant software projects, and Open Source projects.

Please note that the list of projects here is not comprehensive and that I will not be featuring all of my projects. Also, please note that this site is currently NOT my official release location for Danmakufu scripts - My official Project Release Thread on Maidens of the Kaleidoscope can be accessed using the following link: Sparen's Code Dump. All Touhou Danmakufu project updates and releases will be posted here for the sake of simplicity.

Touhou Danmakufu Project Index

All 'Phase #' pages contain information on projects without their own pages.

Github/Open Source Projects

Over the years, I have come to participate in and create a number of Open Source projects. First, I will list smaller projects I have created/participated in that are primarily geared towards the Western Touhou Community. Please be aware that some of these are no longer maintained/are now deprecated. All links in this section point to the pages for the Github Repositories.

For a full list of my Open Source projects, please visit my Github page: Andrew Fan/Sparen's Github

In addition to the above projects above, I have also participated in the following Open Source projects. For these I have a page on-site detailing my role and participation.

Javascript Project Index

Here I list a number of small-scale Javascript Projects I have worked on. These are explicitly projects that are hosted locally on-site and do not have their own Github repositories.

Miscellaneous Project Index

Community Projects & Contest Judging