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#ScriptVersion[3] //This is required for ph3 scripts
#Text["SampleA01:Shooting Bullets Straight Down"] 

//Load the default shotsheet
#include "script/default_system/Default_ShotConst.txt"
//Declaring Global Variables
//The variables declared here can be used throughout the entire script.
//However, the variables declared here are static. 
//(They can be changed, but not by themselves as they are not in the main loop)
//(As execution order cannot be guaranteed, random numbers cannot be used(?))
let objEnemy; //Enemy object
let frame = 0; //Counter for timing enemy movements.(Will keep increasing by one in @MainLoop)

//Enemy movement
		//The script asks for the enemy's life
		SetScriptResult(500); //Setting the enemy's life to 500

	//Creating and registering enemy objects
	objEnemy = ObjEnemy_Create(OBJ_ENEMY_BOSS);

	//Setting the enemy's image
	let imgExRumia = GetCurrentScriptDirectory() ~ "ExRumia.png"; //file path to enemy image
	ObjPrim_SetTexture(objEnemy, imgExRumia); 
        //Setting the above image file as a texture to the enemy object(objEnemy)
	ObjSprite2D_SetSourceRect(objEnemy, 64, 1, 127, 64); 
        //Setting the rectangle coordinates in the enemy image to use(Left, Top, Right, Bottom).
        //Positioning the center of the rectangle(w/texture) at (0, 0) on the stage(top left corner).

	//Moving to the coordinate (cx, 60) in 60 frames
	let cx = GetStgFrameWidth() / 2;
        //defines the variable cx as the horizontal middle of the stage. (Stage width / 2)

	ObjMove_SetDestAtFrame(objEnemy, cx, 60, 60);

	//retrieving enemy coordinates
	let ex = ObjMove_GetX(objEnemy);
	let ey = ObjMove_GetY(objEnemy);

	if(frame == 60)
		//executed when frame is equal to 60
		//・shoots a bullet straight down from the enemy's position
		//・speed: 3 pixels per frame
		//・angle: 90 (down)    (0 = right, 180 = left, 270 = up)
		//・delay: 30 frames 
		CreateShotA1(ex, ey, 3, 90, DS_BALL_S_RED, 30);

		frame = 0;
        	//after the bullet is shot, frame is returned to 0 to build up to 60 again and fire another bullet.


	//Setting the enemy hit box
	ObjEnemy_SetIntersectionCircleToShot(objEnemy, ex, ey, 32); //hitbox against player bullets. 32 is the radius.
	ObjEnemy_SetIntersectionCircleToPlayer(objEnemy, ex, ey, 24); //hitbox against the player. 24 is the radius.

	//adding +1 to frame. "frame++" is equivalent to "frame = frame + 1;" or "frame += 1;"

	//If the enemy's life is 0
	if(ObjEnemy_GetInfo(objEnemy, INFO_LIFE) <= 0)
		//the enemy is killed immediately when life is 0
		//As this is a beginner sample script, 
		//the script is ended immediately without waiting for an explosion effect