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Sparen's Danmakufu ph3 Tutorials Extra Unit Lesson 2 - Advertising on Youtube

This is a guide to getting your projects advertised on Youtube, as well as a compilation of people who routinely make videos of Danmakufu scripts, by Sparen of Iria. It is meant for those with channels featuring Danmakufu, Danmakufu scripters, as well as those who want to find other Danmakufu scripters on Youtube. This guide does not cover Niconico, which is the primary means of showcasing Danmakufu videos in Japan.

For Scripters

So you want to promote your scripts, right? And you feel that having a video of your script on Youtube is an amazing way to do that, right? Well, it is, and being able to link a video in Bulletforge for your project is also great. However, there are a few things to note.

Of course, you could make the video yourself. However, if you have 0 subscribers, you will obviously need to increase this number while at the same time avoiding subscriber burn. To increase your views and subs, you will have to link your own videos on Bulletforge, post video links on your release website/thread, and will need to spend a year at the very least to get a respectable view count for your projects. The good thing about this method? You are 100% in control of what you show and how you show it. The bad part? Well, you have to build your own Youtube channel up yourself.

The other option is to have someone else make a video for you. There are a few types of people who do this (all of whom will be listed later on). There are Lets Players, who will often do commentary on a blind run of your script, for example. This is a risky prospect for new scripters because although most lets players will offer detailed feedback and constructive criticism, most, if not all, of the flaws in your script will be made apparent to all who watch the video.

Of course, there are also those who just make a video. Since there is no commentary, the viewers will be the ones making their own judgments about your script. While safer as an option, it still has its ups and downs.

Some people take requests and others will just play whatever comes up on Bulletforge. Some may reject your requests. Remember this, and consider doing a combination of both making your own videos and having others make them as well. And, perhaps... you will make videos of other peoples' scripts as well!

For Uploaders

I believe that at the time of writing, this is the only guide meant to set minimum standards for the video recorders of the English-Speaking Danmakufu Community. I will be discussing a number of things that serve as common courtesy when making videos of Danmakufu scripts.

First, it goes without saying - you must state who made the script. You are doing a disservice to the person who made the script if you do not state who made it.

Secondly, I request that you please post a link to the scripter's devel thread and/or a link to the download link on Bulletforge. If you do not do this, your viewers will not be able to learn more about the script and may not be able to find it. On this note, respect the scripter's requests if they do not want you to show the download link. Also, make sure your download is legitimate and, if not hosted on Bulletforge, points to the latest version of the script.

Thirdly, please get the name of the script right. You know who you are, and although people will not usually care, it's a good idea to get this correct.

Optionally, it is usually a good idea to state the difficulty you played and the version number, usually in the description. If the scripter has a Youtube channel, it is also nice to link to their channel.

Compilation of Danmakufu uploaders on Youtube

To get onto this list, you must have a few uploaded videos, and you must pass through a quality screening. Unless otherwise stated, the people listed do not do lets plays by default. This list is not comprehensive and should not be treated as such, although I will try to keep it updated and accurate. This list is primarily meant to showcase those who do videos of other peoples's scripts, although I hope that it helps people find interesting danmaku videos in general. Note that some of the people here have not uploaded videos in a while and may not be particularly active.

Code used on this page: Google Developers - Youtube Subscribe Button

Those with large series (25+ videos)


Series: Danmakufu Playthroughs

AKA: Conar

A scripter with his own custom players and package system. Sound quality isn't the best and he does not often post videos, but you can probably request a video from him.


Series: Let's Play Danmakufu

AKA: Ozzie840, Ozzy

Although not very active, he provides very good feedback on scripts in his Lets Plays, and he's a nice guy. Also, the IT'S THREEEE DEEEEEEEE meme spawned from his playthrough of Byzantheryx's Koishi.


Series: Weekend Danmakufu

Sound quality in videos isn't the best and he does not provide commentary or download/information links. Has a limited following, but has covered contests in the past.


Series: Danmakufu Delirium

Does a lot of videos; might accidentally hit Youtube's max-videos-per-playlist count sooner than originally anticipated. Primarily does Let's Plays.

Sparen of Iria

Series: Touhou Danmakufu - Danmaku Art (DNHArt)

AKA: Sparen

Yes, this is me, and for more information on my channel and playlists, as well as how to ask for requests, read the information on this page.

Those with smaller series (<25 videos)


Series: DanmakuFun

AKA: Tricky

A long time scripter of 0.12m who began a series after I was unable to record 0.12m entries of the ICM contest. Nice guy, although his non-League viewership is limited.

Those without series (but with many videos)


Lunatic level dodges, with livestreams!


Lots of videos, lots of non-Danmakufu Touhou.


One of the gods of 0.12m. Hasn't uploaded anything in the past few years (as of writing this), but has covered many of the old RaNGE contests as well as a variety of other scripts, mainly from 0.12m.


AKA: Pikno

Mainly does Let's Plays. Uploads frequently (as of writing) but uploads are loosely organized.


Used to do Danmakufu let's plays but has retired from the western Danmakufu community entirely.


AKA: Vichy, Sothe

Occasionally does whatever pops up on Bulletforge. Does not always give correct title of script or links to download/information, but is a pretty good dodger and will put some feedback in the description of his videos.